Travel-Friendly Beauty Tools To Help You Jet-Set in Style!

I’ll be honest — If I brought my entire makeup collection with me every time I traveled, tools and all, I wouldn’t have room to bring anything else with me except for the clothes on my back. Of course, there’s hardly any reason to bring everything on vacation, anyway, but what can I say? I like to feel that I have everything I need to recreate my favorite looks, no matter what new place I’m off exploring. Luckily, makeup brands know what it’s like to struggle between the need to pack light and the desire to be equipped with all your must-have beauty loot. The solution isn’t to eenie-meenie-miney-mo your way to a slimmer makeup bag — it’s miniature-sized tools that still function the way you need to without taking up quite so much room!

Travel-sized beauty tools are a lifesaver when it comes to packing light and still satisfying your beauty needs on the go. Sure, it may be easier to have a full-size brush set for more steady-application in your daily beautifying, but these Sephora mini brushes do the trick just fine and fit conveniently in their slim come-with case. Another impressive travel tool is Sephora’s mini heated eyelash curler. Much slimmer than your typical metal curling contraption, and the heat works to curl lashes in a snap, no outlet required! From brush sets to brow tools (and even travel waxing kits!), there’s no beauty tool that doesn’t come in mini!

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