What’s In A Name?

The MAC Office Hours collection got me thinking. The names of MAC’s shades lately have just been…so… blah! Are you with me? There are so many cute names they could have come up with around an office theme for that collection. Seems like a missed opportunity. I know if the product is good enough who cares what the name is (some lines don’t even have names they just have numbers, but personally that just drives me crazy) BUT I also like it when products have cute and/or memorable names.

I don’t particularly care for the super raunchy product names, not because I’m a huge prude or anything but I just don’t think it’s  necessary if that makes sense. I don’t really want to have that awkward conversation with someone who asks me what my pretty pink nail polish is and I reply “oh it’s so-and-so Nipple Parade” because really. There’s edgy and then there’s trying too hard.

So maybe it’s just the marketing brain in me, but I feel like MAC’s been mailing it in lately in the shade name department. For example, just off the top of my head some of the colors in Office Hours could have been called: “9 to 5”, “Paper Pusher”, “On A Break!”, “Sick Day”, and “Corporate Climber”. What’s the point of naming a collection Office Hours and then not doing anything with the theme? Might as well called it “MAC Pro Longwear Stuff”.

Yo MAC, if you need help naming shades, email me. Or why not ask your thousands of fans who voted on By Request? Surely they have an opinion.

What do you think of MAC’s shade names, and other makeup shade names in general? How important is a product’s name to you? And are you on Team Numbers or are you like me and your eyeballs glaze over when you see a line with numbered shades? :)


  1. I would totally wear a gloss called NIPPLE PARADE. Chowwwww.

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