What’s Your Celebrity Beauty Collaboration?

I’m really excited for the latest MAC Viva Glam / Lady Gaga collaboration! And you guys all saw the mass hysteria caused by the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday lipstick. If you were a celebrity, what brand would you want to collaborate with? What product or products would you want to represent? 

My Answer…

If I were a celeb I would definitely have MAC Viva Glam pretty high on my list. I love MAC, I love MAC lipstick, and the MAC Aids Fund is an amazing organization. It would be just the kind of collaboration I’d be proud of. I’d probably want my lipstick to be an opaque, pale pink-nude with just the right amount of shine– not totally matte, but not super glossy either. Kind of like Florabundance lipglass in a lipstick. It’d probably be a lustre finish I guess, but not a super sheer one. Definitely not a frost! It’d be the kind of lipstick you could wear solo for a very dramatic nude lip, or worn with a blended lip liner to soften it and make it more wearable for every day. Oh and I’d want the outer tube to be the standard black bullet w/ red trim, but the inside of the bullet deep rich purple with my signature (like the Gaga/Cyndi lipsticks) in silver. Ahh, Viva Glam Menagerie. I can dream. :) In fact, it’d be really cool if someday MAC did a blogger collaboration for Viva Glam. I think we beauty bloggers are a pretty positive bunch of people who would love to get involved with a cause like that. Could you imagine a collection of Viva Glam lipsticks designed by beauty bloggers? There could be a Viva Glam Temptalia, a Viva Glam Pinkiecharm, etc. That’d be so so cool

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