Working Woman’s Makeup Wardrobe

Man alive, am I glad it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

To combat my new work schedule (7 to 4, and then after that job I do work for my other job), I have started a new ‘thing’ to make getting my face on in the morning much easier: Palette of the Week.

I keep my makeup stash in my bedroom, but since I don’t actually get ready in the bedroom (I do everything except put my clothes on out in the bathroom or the tv room where my laptop is), I keep my brushes and a large makeup bag in the bathroom.

In that makeup bag are my daily essentials and my Palette of the Week. Every Friday I will change out the PotW. By the way when I say “palette” I might mean a literal makeup palette, or a specific handful of eye shadows with 1 or 2 blushes, or whatever. The lip color(s) I’m using that week will just hang out in my purse, along with blot sheets, my Urban Decay De-Slick powder, and my Eco Tools Travel Kabuki brush.

The Daily Essentials I keep in my makeup bag are…

– MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in “Light”
– NYX The Makeup liquid foundation in “LM02 (Ivory)”
– Sonia Kashuk blending sponge (the Beauty Blender dupe)
– Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer in shade “02” (Porcelain)
– Urban Decay Primer Potion (duh!!!!)
– Billion Dollar Brows brow powder in “Taupe”
– Anastasia brow gel (which I honestly don’t always use, though I probably should lol…)
– Mascara (This has varied a little as I’m finding some of my mascaras are dry and need tossing. Not sure which one will go in there next week! Maybe my Fresh mini duo as I’m loving those a lot.)
– Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner pencil in Black
– NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (I’m test driving this as a base for light colors right now.)
– Bare Escentuals On The Spot makeup removers (LOVE these!)

So I keep that bag in the bathroom so I can do the basics. I also have a little brush cup that is always equipped with these brushes:

– Stila #7 (I have 2 of these. It’s one of my favorite brushes!)
– ELF Eye Shadow Brush (Another one I have 2 of…)
– MAC 217
– MAC 219
– MAC 224
– ELF Powder Brush (you think I’d given up on that baby? hell naw.)
– ELF Complexion Brush
– ELF Contour Brush (which I actually like for crease work…)
– Billion Dollar Brows double-ended brow brush
– ELF Small Angled Brush
– Laura Mercier Flat Liner Brush
– Crown Brush Domed Blush Brush
– FLIRT! Powder Brush (their dual fiber brush)
– Hollywood Brushes Blending Brush (similar to MAC 224)
– ELF Tweezers
– Brow Scissors

Those are the ones I really use the most of my entire brush stash. I have a slew of others that are just packed away because I don’t really use them and don’t really want to take the time to go through them and mess with swapping them, etc. I have a few others in the cup but they’re not used nearly as often.This weekend I will take pictures of these brushes. I don’t say you have to have exactly these brushes, that’s for sure. You can probably find dupes for a lot of them, especially with pictures to show you what they look like. (But come on, those ELF brushes are $1-$3 apiece, just buy that one!)

So far I’ve found this idea to simplify things a great deal, rather than spend time fishing around in my drawers in the morning. Gotta conserve every minute so that I can spend maximum time in bed sleeping. ;)

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