YouTube? I know I do…

I just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know who my favorite makeup YouTube people are!

EnKore Makeup – ok seriously who doesn’t love this guy? Koren is so loveable and his tips and ideas are fantastic. He is so creative!

– Leesha does some really awesome bold looks and is never afraid to speak her mind!

PinkieCharm – Irene is a product reviewing goddess. But be careful, she will inspire you to shop!

Panacea81 – Okay no list of favorite YouTubers would be complete without Lauren. She does some great looks.

MakeupGeekTV – Marlena does some really easy to understand tutorials that could help anyone.

Pursebuzz – How cute is this girl? She does great reviews and how-to videos.

MissChievous – Crazy-talented. I love her creating shapes video.

So, who are your favorite YouTube gurus? I’m always looking for interesting beauty channels to subscribe to. Let me in on your subscribed channels! :)


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