Yummy Yardley Soap

First off, I apologize for this really boring generic stock photo of the Yardley soap I’m reviewing. I’m a dumbass and forgot to save the box to take a picture of the packaging, and err, a used bar of soap is kind of an awkward photo. The Yardley imprint isn’t even visible. But let’s just say I was so excited to use this that I just had to rip it open and use it rather than wait to carefully take photos.
…and who really cares what our soap looks like anyway?
ANYWAY. Why I was so excited to use it was because of what’s in it– oatmeal and almond. Little known but true fact: I’m obsessed with anything almond-scented or oat-scented. I like subtle scents like that so much.
This soap is no exception. It smells DELICIOUS. There is real soothing oatmeal as well as exfoliating ground up almond in the soap. It smells amazing. AMAZING. I cannot even stress how much I am obsessed with sniffing this. Really.
The soap itself is very rich, lathers easily, and feels so nice on my skin. The almond bits do provide a nice bit of exfoliation without being irritating. The only thing I dislike is once I rinse, my skin doesn’t feel as moisturized as I would like. It doesn’t feel dry or stripped, but the lather is so creamy and luxurious that I was just a little surprised. It does however leave me really clean and fresh feeling. I’m kind of a snob about bar soap…or rather, I was kind of a snob about bar soap. Now I know Yardley rocks! 
And the best part? This little gem is less than $5. In fact, Harmon has a 4-pack of this soap for $3.49. Yeah. Talk about a bargain. :) 
If oaty almondy scents aren’t your thing, I also have the citrus honeysuckle scent (haven’t used it yet though) and THAT smells really delicious too. Try it!
Have you tried Yardley? What do you think?

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