HLMN Weekend Round-Up 8.1.09

Adventures in Round Brown takes a look into the world of Men’s Big and Tall Fashion.

Askmewhats reviews L’oreal Elseve Smooth Intense.

The Beauty Chick shares some of her favorite face primers.

Beauty Junkies Unite tells us how awesome Bare Escentuals Buxom Lashliner is.

BeautySweetSpot has a behind the scenes look at the MAC Fall collection.

Best Things in Beauty has a Giveaway Contest: Sephora’s new Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Kiss.

Claire’s Beauty explores lipstick trends through the decades.

Denim Debutante is giving away a bottle of Arbonne’s Made in the Shade Self-Tanner to one lucky reader!

Fabuless Beauty has us super excited for the MAC Look in a Box sets available exclusively at Nordstrom.

See Fabulous Over Forty’s review of Josie Maran lipstick.

The Fashion Planner shows us how to how to make a no-sew top and necklace from a t-shirt.

Glamour Whore introduces you to Illamasqua cosmetics.

Gloss Menagerie’s homemade toner experiment.

Gouldylox Reviews has a sneak peek of Bare Escentuals liner and lipstick.

Hot Beauty Health gives you the low down on the white nail polish trend.

The Informed Makeup Maven is all about body and hair this week. Check out her must haves.

Krasey Beauty cozies up to Erno Laszlo Cosmetics.

Visit Lipgloss Break and Enter to Win Sunkissed Glow by JLo and AminoGenesis Perfect Reflection!

My Beauty Bunny recommends a cruelty-free self-tanner and body firming cream in one from Tarte.

Obsession Confessions of Glamour and Love reviews Ouidad products for curly hair.

Sicka Than Average keeps you walking on sunshine with its roundup ofsizzling hot shades.

The Style and Beauty Doctor begs you not to match your eyeshadow to your outfit.

Su Ferreira has another great tutorial on smokey eye.

ThisThatBeauty shares a beauty observations – Extreme Length False Eye Lashes in everyday life!

Tres Chic Style reveals her shopping secrets.

HLMN Weekend Round-Up 7.24.09

Askmewhats has a nail art tutorial for bling bling nails.

The Beauty Chick reviews CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush.

Beauty Junkies Unite shows you the right way to get cheeky with 4 easy cheek stains.

Best Things in Beauty spotlights the new Giorgio Armani Beauty Fall 2009 colors.

Claire’s Beauty gives Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream a test drive.

Denim Debutante has an in-depth review of Paige Premium Denim.

Fabulous Over Forty is giving away Sothys Sun Care to one lucky reader. Enter now.

The Glamour Whore shows off the hair raising talent of Olivier Chomienne.

Gloss Menagerie reviews Softlips Pure Honeydew.

Gouldylox Reviews sneak peek at Milani Eye Tech Infinite Liquid Liners.

Hairs My Story has a gorgeous summer tropics FOTD.

in a word…fab has a sneak peek at J.Crew’s Fall 2009 Collection.

It’s complexion week at the Informed Makeup Maven, and don’t forget to enter her cool giveaways this week!

Krasey Beauty discovers the beauty in going organic with Revolution Organics.

Visit Lipgloss Break and Enter to win The Cure 24/7 hair treatment and Sunkissed Glow fragrance by JLo!

My Beauty Bunny shows you how to get gorgeous, healthy, post-beach hair!

The Style and Beauty Doctor will show you how to keep your blowout for blowing up.

ThisThatBeauty runs down fall’s hottest collections!

Unfunded takes on Farmer John with some killer denim cut-offs.

VexInTheCity invites you to share her addiction – her make up collection.

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HLMN Weekend Round-Up

Beauty Junkies Unite reviews InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Straightener.

Check out Beauty Sweet Spot’s, Jeannine Morris, on an NBC segment and enter the Huge Lips Skinny Hips contest to win a trip to NYC for two filled with sexy activities

Check out Best Things in Beauty for a Laura Geller Giveaway Contest.

Why did Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash disappoint Blaq Vixen Beauty?

Claire’s Beauty falls in love with KenzoAmour EDT Florale.

Denim Debutante reviews Aritzia Boutique.

Fab Over Forty takes an indepth look at neuLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum.

Fabuless Beauty tells you how to try Physicians Formula cosmetics for FREE.

Glamour Whore dares you to be bold with red hot makeup looks.

If you’re looking for a great primer, choose Avox Magix. Gouldylox Reviews loved it.

Hot Beauty Health shares with its readers a brit beauty brand, Illamasqua and it’s coming to Sephora.

The Informed Makeup Maven reviews primers, foundations and beauty powders this week and gives away an Avene tinted compact for summer.

Krasey Beauty shares her night of beauty, twitter, and a lovely evening of girl power in NYC.

Visit Lipgloss Break to Enter to win LashFood Mascara and Go Green with a Baggu Bag!

Obsession Confessions of Glamour and Love has the scoop on the Janrah Boutique Sip and Shop Event in Seattle, WA.

The Style and Beauty Doctor is obsessed with nail trends. Take a look at her current fascinations.

Su Ferreira has a great FOTD makeup tutorial.

Unfunded’s opinion is heard in the LA vs. NYC fashion debate on 39th and Broadway.

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HLMN Weekend Round-Up

Askmewhats reviews Modelco Lash Wand Heated Eyelash Curler.

Beauty Junkies Unite answers the question: What the heck is a free radical, and why should I be concerned?

Best Things in Beauty tells us about yNS Radiance – three fabulous moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients in one product.

Claire’s Beauty sniffs Bond No. 9 Astor Place and gives it two thumbs up!

Cult of Couture takes a peek at Elie Saab Couture.

Alyson of The Gloss Menagerie shares her thoughts on Urban Decay Pocket Rockets.

Hot Beauty Health discusses Beyonce Sasha Fierce new line for House of Dereon.

Lipgloss Break has two incredible giveaways from Huge Lips Skinny Hips and StripTeas.

SparklingPinkGorilla gives her review of Revlon Colorstay Makeup.

Felicia from ThisThatBeauty finds a recessionista deal.Three great eye creams all under $20.

Unfunded sits down with the designer behind indie clothing line Dustie Doll Clothing.

UrbanLuxe shares 5 delicious desserts that you must try.

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What are the items you absolutely must have with you at all times? And I mean like…stranded on a desert island need and are obsessive about? I have 2: lip balm, and facial mist.

The lip balms I like best are actually cheapo Lipsmackers by Bonne Bell. My favorite “flavor” is Strawberry Banana, but the Strawberry Kiwi, Mango, Strawberry, Kiwi, Dr. Pepper, and Tropical Punch are all really nice too. I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of my love for Lipsmackers. Did any of you have these? Do you still use them?

Another favorite lip balm of mine is actually pretty similar to Lipsmackers. They are the Wet ‘n Wild juicy lip balm. They’re big (like the size of a glue stick) and yummy. Sour Apple is the best. I also really love the Cherry one.

As far as face mist goes, I of course love MAC Fix+, but even more I love mark. Mist Opportunity. I have a bottle at my desk, one in my car, and one at my vanity at home. At least mark’s is only $8. :)

YouTube? I know I do…

I just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know who my favorite makeup YouTube people are!

EnKore Makeup – ok seriously who doesn’t love this guy? Koren is so loveable and his tips and ideas are fantastic. He is so creative!

– Leesha does some really awesome bold looks and is never afraid to speak her mind!

PinkieCharm – Irene is a product reviewing goddess. But be careful, she will inspire you to shop!

Panacea81 – Okay no list of favorite YouTubers would be complete without Lauren. She does some great looks.

MakeupGeekTV – Marlena does some really easy to understand tutorials that could help anyone.

Pursebuzz – How cute is this girl? She does great reviews and how-to videos.

MissChievous – Crazy-talented. I love her creating shapes video.

So, who are your favorite YouTube gurus? I’m always looking for interesting beauty channels to subscribe to. Let me in on your subscribed channels! :)


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What were you doing ten years ago?
Haha, 10 years ago I was almost 12. I was playing a lot with my best friends Stephanie and Tanya. Tanya and I were horse-crazed (I still am, not sure about her!) and we used to play with our Grand Champion model horses. I still have all of mine, hahaha. I’d load them all up into this giant bag and bring them over to play. It was so fun. :) I miss those times. My mom had recently married my stepdad, too (they got married in November of 97). AND, my dad had recently married his second wife as well.

What are five things on your to-do list today?
1. Take my cat, Sienna, to the vet today. She has an abcess on her chin.
2. Organize and clean the bathroom.
3. Get all the rest of my homeless makeup into my vanity.
4. HOMEWORK!! I am taking International Short Story.
5. Clean up the kitchen and be a good little housewifey. Nick and I aren’t married, but doing domestic things always make me feel “housewifey”.

Snacks you enjoy? Pringles in the buffalo wing flavor, hot spicy cheetos, funyuns, and just to prove I don’t eat like a total pig, I also really enjoy carrots or tortilla chips dipped in hummus. Trader Joes has the best hummus ever.

Places you’ve lived? Never outside of Orange County, CA!

What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?

1. Move out of this tiny apartment, that’s for sure. I’d capitalize on the crappy real estate market and buy a huge estate (still in California– I’m thinking maybe San Diego area?) with all the latest gadgets, and of course huge closets and a master bath with a huge vanity haha.

2. Buy my mom a freaking Mercedes. And have it customized to a deep steel grey with lavender leather interior. She would *freak*. My stepdad already has a supercute car. :P

3. Set up a retirement ranch for elderly, crippled, or unwanted animals (dogs, cats, and HORSES – hence the estate). And hire a full staff of qualified, background-checked individuals to care for them. I would also set up an investment fund for the ranch so that even after my demise all of the facilities & animals/staff could be taken care of.

4. Make large donations to a number of charities, and also one to my high school so that I could get my name engraved on a building. Preferably close to the choir room so my choir teacher who was an ass can see it every single day. I’d also like to set up some kind of scholarship for creative writers.

5. Um hi, shop?? :)

People you want to know more about?

I think everyone has done this…so pretty much whoever has NOT done it…

Blogger Link Love

Beauty Blogs I <3

Aquahearts Makeup Obsession
The ART and SCIENCE of [beauty]

The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself

Also check out Nandoism for info on dating & relating from one of my favorite gays.

Oprah’s Best Picks – First Annual Spring Makeup Awards

Click here to see Oprah’s picks for her First Annual Spring Makeup Awards. Here’s the quickie list of the winners…what do you think? Here are my thoughts. :)

Best Foundation – Prescriptives Anywear Foundation Stick
Well anyone who has been reading for a month or two knows I love this product! It’s fantastic. I’m glad it’s getting some love.

Smartest Mascara – CoverGirl Lash Blast
Lots of gals love this mascara but it performed horribly for me. Flakes everywhere and the initial results weren’t even that impressive.

Best Nailpolish – Nicole by OPI Nic’s Sticks Paint N Go Nail Lacquer
I have not tried these nifty little gizmos but they look SO cool. Check them out on Ulta.com!

Best Eye Lash Curler – Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash Curler
I love my original Shu curler! I have not tried this new one. It’s tiny and designed to reach those hard-to-get-to lashes on the outer and inner edges.

Best Eye Shimmer – Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Tiger and Nomad
Chanel is way too rich for my blood! But these do look very pretty!

Best Lipstick – Cle de Peau Extra Silky Lipstick
All I have to say is these better be pretty freaking amazing, retailing for $50 each!

Best Skin Brightener – Rimmel Mousse Blush
I do enjoy a good mousse. I’d love to know if this lasts on oily cheeks. Anyone know? If not, mousse and cream blushes do make great bases for powder blushes on us oily gals…

Best Compact – Chantecaille Protected Paradise Compacts
I don’t have the kind of dough to spend on a $90 compact, even if it is gorgeous. 5% of proceeds go to a fund for fish preserves, which is cool and all but I’d rather just make an outright donation. 5% of $90 is only $4.50, people…and how many of these do you think have sold?

Boldest And Brightest Colors –
Lipmann Collection Nailpolish in Don’t Call Me Baby
Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Bonbon
Jillian Dempsey for Avon Horizon Blush in Coral
Oprah describes these as shocking colors that are actually fun to wear. They all look GORGEOUS. I have been lusting after that horizon blush, but I have so many blushes I can’t bring myself to purchase.

Best Application – Clinique Cream Shadow
These claim to be crease-proof…anyone know if that’s true? I haven’t tried them because usually cream eyeshadows do not work on my oily messy lids.

Best Mineral Makeup – Maybelline Mineral Makeup
Might be a great line but the shade range is not nearly as wide as many other mineral manufacturers. Other than the lack of being “pure” minerals, drugstore lines are so limited in their shade ranges.

Best Concealer & Cover-Up – Physicians Formula Mineral Wear in Green and Concealer Stick SPF 15
I haven’t tried these specific PF concealers but I adore ConcealRx.

Best Spring Makeup Collection – Yves Saint Laurent
Another collection that’s far too rich for my blood.


I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas or something. I have packages coming! :) What are you waiting for in the mail? I am eagerly awaiting…

mark. package #1 – see things clearly moisturizer (full size), mist opportunity (full size), and a “go for the bold” necklace, which is a really cool chunky turquoise deal. I’m trying to accessorize better/more often. Should arrive Wednesday.

mark. package #2 – “got the blues” top. A pretty peasanty type blouse that will be available for purchase 4/29. I am hoping it will fit my chest. *crossing fingers* Arriving Wednesday.

Torrid package – Basic black trousers. This one’s still processing, so I don’t know when it will arrive. But c’mon Torrid…gimme my pants!

Stila package – Just 3 of those little aluminum compacts. Still processing also. Couldn’t resist 25% off and free shipping! I actually do really need these anyway.