October Favorites

So what it’s a week into November already…I’m doing my October favorites and you’re gonna LIKE IT. :) As usual I don’t know what to use as a picture for my ‘favorites’ post so in keeping with tradition, here’s a random fun picture. This time it’s Barack Obama holding a book. :D My favorites for October are pretty simple, because I was SICK during October. That means my favorites all kind of go along with that…read on to find out more!

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Updated: What’s In My Shower?

I don’t know if it’s the voyeur in me or if I’m just super nosy but I love “what’s in my…” type posts, like what’s in my bag, etc. I did a what’s in my shower post previously, but the contents have changed! So let’s take a look at what we’ve got, mkay?
The Storage Itself – 
The corner suction basket/bucket thing and the mirror next to it are from Target. I love the bucket thing because it looks attractive, holds a surprisingly large amount of things, and also seems to be able to hold a lot of weight. It gets crap reviews on Target’s website, but whatever. I like it. I actually have another similar container that recently fell off the wall (see the lone suction cup stuck to the tile?) so I’m figuring out a solution for that…might have to get another one of these! I love that it has a hook on the corner, perfect for hanging a bath pouf or in my case, comb. There’s also a little tiny side pocket on the other side that I keep a razor blade refill in. I don’t know about you, but I never remember to change my razor blade until I’m actually in the shower. D’oh.
I really like having a mirror in my shower. I find it’s helpful to make sure I’ve removed all my eye makeup, and also helps me decide if there’s any specific areas I ought to target w/ my Clarisonic when I’m using it in there.
Hanging on the Mirror – 
My razor of choice is the Venus Embrace. Not to say I haven’t tried other razors and liked them (the Schick Intuition is also pretty good, especially if you have dry skin), but I always go back to the Venus Embrace. It has 5 blades and gets such a close shave. I don’t like to mess around when it comes to shaving. I don’t wanna have to go over the same place a million times. This gets the job done!
In The Basket – 
One product has remained constant this entire time– Kiss My Face Moisture Shave. I prefer the Peaches & Creme scent (SO yummy!) but I am not sure if they still make that as I can’t find it on their site. If it’s discontinued I’ll be kinda devastated (even though let’s be honest you KNOW I have like 6 bottles of it under my sink – I bought it in bulk from Amazon). However, I’ll use what I have and (in 20 years) switch to a different scent. If you have sensitive or dry skin you NEED to try this product. Not optional. NEED.
Other body-related yummies in my shower are the Bath & Body Works Supercharged Body Scrub in Coconut Lime Breeze that I reviewed previously and B&BW shower gel in Winter Candy Apple (one of my fav B&BW scents of all time – so glad momsy got me some for xmas!).
I change up what facial cleansers live in my shower (because I have lots, and also because I change depending on how my skin is acting). Right now I’m back to loving on Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser. I’ve been using it more than my Neaclear because I’ve been wearing a lot more makeup and Caudalie’s cleanser is better at removing makeup. 
Peeking out in the back of the basket you can see my shampoo & conditioner of choice – Alterna Caviar Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner. Ever since I first tried Alterna in 2010 I have loved these guys. Others I have tried and enjoy very much are Redken (Color Extend) and WEN.
A couple products mentioned in this post were originally given as samples by PR, but I have since repurchased (or plan to) on my own.

The Gloss Menagerie Testing Lab

In order to properly review beauty products, there are lots of different things we bloggers do that the average person may not necessarily do before deciding if a product is good or not. We try to take into account lots of different scenarios when approaching a product, and usually have our own standards for performance of various products, whatever type they are. I decided to give you a little peek into the products I’m testing out. I am calling this the “lab”. ;)
Right now in the lab I’m working with a brand that is new to me – ClickR skin care. ClickR is a 100% vegan skin care brand formulated for the needs of younger skin. What I am liking so far is ClickR doesn’t assume young = acneic. I’m actually using their Skin Polishing Kit, which is more of an exfoliating, breakout preventing type deal rather than a line chock full of acne treatments. However, for those who do have acne, ClickR has you covered too. I’ve only had a chance to use the kit once so far, but I enjoyed it! My skin is quite dry, but also very clog prone and it exfoliated without making my skin tight or uncomfortable. Hooray!
Also new to me right now is Redken haircare. I was introduced to Redken’s products at Images Salon when I went in for my highlights, and I have been trying out their Color Extend shampoo and conditioner to keep my new fab color looking good as long as possible (red is such a pain to keep in your hair!). I may decide to alternate with Smooth Down (especially on the days I air dry), which was recommended for my hair as well. I am also going to give their Blow Dry gel a shot the next time I take the time to actually style my hair. ;) 
I’ve been so into hair and skin the last few months because makeup is such a chore to wear in the hottest summer weather, but I am excited to share some new brushes by adesign with you very soon! I’ve been road testing these prototypes for a while now, and I think you’ll love them.
I haven’t posted a makeup look in a while. I hope to get one up soon using the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette. Any requests on what type of look?