Urban Decay Friends & Family Sale 2013


Urban Decay fans, start your engines! Their Friends & Family sale is ON. From now til 11:59 PDT on 10/12/13, get 20% off your entire order on Urban Decay’s site. Everything is included! Yes, that means even the much beloved trio of Naked palettes, Vice 2, ERRYTHANG. Use code FFHOLIDAY13 to get your discount on. Get it!

Funky French Manicure

2Judge me not by my cuticles.

This month I got my very first Ipsy Glam Bag, and the theme was Pretty in Pink. One of the items in my bag was a full size bottle of Sation nail polish in the shade Love At First Byte. [Read more…]

Sephora Chic Week Sale


If you’re a beauty junkie, Sephora Chic Week is one of your favorite times of the year! That’s when everything is 15% off at Sephora and Sephora.com. The sale ends 4/22.

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Get $10 Off Your Purchase at Tartecosmetics.com!


Just saw an awesome deal for Tarte that only lasts ’til 11:59 pm EST 3/30/13. – Get $10 off an order of $50 or more with the code BUNNY. Also, shipping is free on orders of $40 or more! And if you want some shopping inspiration, these are my faves from Tarte…

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LOVE: CherryCulture Lip Balm

For those of you who don’t know (and seriously, are you new?) Cherry Culture is a site that sells a lot of brands of makeup, mostly inexpensive (like NYX, Styli-Style, Milani, and tons of others). They usually have some kind of freebie, which used to be a cheap lip gloss by I think Arissa that smelled like chocolate. It came with every order. Then they switched to a cherry-scented rollerball lip gloss that I found sticky (and occasionally leaky!) – and smelled like jr high.

Most recently, however, they have switched to the Cherry Culture Lip Balm as their freebie. I made a small haul several months back and since hey it’s free I went ahead and added the Cherry Culture Lip Balm in lime. I love lime scented/flavored things and I don’t often see a lime scented lip balm. Turns out I friggin love this thing. And it retails for $1.99 (on sale for 99 cents right now) or occasionally comes free with your order.

Down side? There isn’t one.

As shown in the picture, it comes in a bunch of scents. There’s actually even more than in that picture. The total lineup is:

  • Lime
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Banana
  • Peach
  • Raspberry
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Grape
  • Bubble Gum

Formula-wise this is nothing groundbreaking or earth-shattering. The ingredients are nothing special. But I love this lip balm. It smells nice and makes my lips feel awesome. What’s not to love? I keep it at my desk at home and apply it while I’m working, and makes me very happy. ;)

If you’re thinking you want to get in on this Cherry Culture action, I have some great news for you! They are having a 20% off sale sitewide in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The code for this sale is PINK20.



Note: I paid for the products in the haul that got me this lip balm for free, but this post does contain affiliate links.

Brush Guards for a Dollar

I have mentioned before on this blog how much I love the site Buy In Coins. I still do! And now it’s for another purchase – my $1 brush guards. I paid 98 cents for them. Each pack is 1 meter of brush guard tubing; I got 2 packs, and shipping was free. $2 and I have enough to make brush guards for everything. 
I have some of the “brand name” brush guards, and these do compare. You can tell they’re cheaper (they stretch a little easier than the other ones), but for $1 they’re serving my purposes just fine. I wanted brush guards to help my brushes keep their bristles in shape, but also to protect them from getting covered in cat hair. For those purposes they work like a friggin charm! :D I only have them on my face brushes and larger shadow brushes (they’re an eensy bit big for smaller shadow brushes, and I just keep my shadow brushes under a shower cap to keep them hair free). 
Here’s pictures of my brush guards “in action”–
There’s the long tube of brush guardy goodness, and my Royal & Langnickel powder brush waiting to get its new outfit.
Measure and snip snip…
Wriggle wriggle wriggle wriggle wriggle…
Now my powder brush has a sexy “bodycon” dress. Smashing!
Overall I’m extremely happy with these! I have more than enough for all my face brushes, and extra for if they fall apart (since they’re so cheap you never know – but they have held up great so far!). If you’re curious about brush guards or just want a cheaper alternative, try these!
For those of you planning on making a purchase on Buy In Coins, if you type in my nickname “alysonwithay” as your referrer, you’ll get a small discount. I think it’s like 5%. I think I get something too but I don’t even remember lol. 
This post contains affiliate information that helps save you money. Hooray. 

Sephora Friends & Family Sale

The Sephora Friends & Family Sale (20% off your entire purchase) is working a little differently this year. In the past, there has been one code that anyone can use over and over again until FF is over. Now, you will get a 1-time code that is unique to you.
How to get your Sephora F&F Code:
1. Visit www.sephora.com/friends and type your email address in the dialogue box.
2. Your unique 1-time use code will load on the screen after you submit your email.
Good To Know:
You are only allowed one code per email and 5 email addresses per computer.
Your codes are unique to you. So if you give it to a friend, you can’t use it.
And you can only each code one time.
These codes are not valid with any other codes (in other words, no code stacking).
$50 free shipping still applies (in past years it has been based on your total before your discount).
You can still use ebates! Don’t forget! :)
This is going on until 11-2! But stuff tends to sell out, so get shopping!

OCC IMATS Discount Available Online

If you can’t make it to one of the IMATS trade shows this year, or if OCC was sold out of the goodies you had your heart set on by the time you got to their booth, never fear! OCC has your back! From now until the 17th at 11:59 PST, you can get the 20% off discount exclusively on OCCmakeup.com.
You must log in to use the discount! The username for this discount is OCCDISC and the password is IMATSNYC.
Then you do your shopping as usual for 20% off cosmetics (not including airbrushes or airbrush products). Any products added prior to logging in with the discount will not be discounted, so you must do that first to get the discount. 
Also be sure to check out OCC’s first “Garage Sale“. They are clearing inventory of some discontinued products at huge discounts! And if you’re logged in with the discount code above, you’ll get additional savings. 

Shopping Rave – Buy In Coins

It’s not that often that I write just to plug certain websites, but I’m a huge fan of this site Buy In Coins! They are based in Hong Kong, and offer wholesale prices on a vast selection of different things. They have tons of As Seen on TV items such as the PedEgg (another thing I’m obsessed with!!!), Smooth Away, and the Wonder Hanger. For those of you who didn’t catch my post about them, I LOVE the Wonder Hangers! I wish I had known that Buy In Coins had them when I got my pack for $9.99, because Buy In Coins has a pack of 8 for under $6. The Boyfriend and I have very limited closet space and those guys RULE for organizing closets.

I can’t even describe exactly how much stuff they have on their website. But one major reason you might want to check out the online store is they carry the 88 palettes. They have lots of palettes actually, including the 28 Neutral Palette, several 120 palettes, and even a 180 palette. Check out the full selection of palettes here. In addition to all the yummy palettes, there are always loads of fun makeup brush sets and other goodies like gel eyeliner, false lashes (synthetic, not human hair), and a nifty concealer palette that I actually have in my kit.

There are a couple other things about BIC that make me like them a lot. First, they not only have great prices, they will price match if you can find something cheaper. Here’s the icing on the cake though: not only is everything on this site cheap, they offer free shipping on everything for U.S. orders. If you’re not in the U.S. here’s information about their shipping policies. The only drawback to ordering is their shipping can be kind of slow (it is coming all the way from Hong Kong after all) but for FREE who could complain?

If you decide to order, there are a few ways to save even more off their already super low prices. The first is a Christmas code! It gets you 9% off (random amount, I know). That code is XMAS2010. Another deal that gets you an additional 5% off your purchase is if you have a “recommender” (referral). You’d just type in my nickname “alysonwithay“. They also take a penny off for each item you purchase after the first item. So for example if you order 6 items, they will take 5 cents off your order. No code necessary for that!

Happy Haul-idays!

Stila Friday Happy Hour!

Hiyas everyone just wanted to let you all in on Stila‘s Friday Happy Hour deal this week. You can get free shipping and a free lip glaze! Best part is you get to choose from three different flavors!
Codes…FRUITPUNCH for free shipping and a lip glaze in Fruit Punch, SUGARPLUM for free shipping and a lip glaze in Sugar Plum, and BROWNSUGAR for a lip glaze in Brown Sugar. Easy peasy. :)

Stila has some really cute sets available for holiday, including this fabulous brush set with pink ferrules for only $28! That’s a steal for Stila brushes! The #9 brush is in this set, which is one of my favorite brushes.