Save The Date: PHAMExpo Coming This June!


The beginning of 2013 has been quite a strenuous schedule of major beauty trade events. It kicked off with ISSE Long Beach and IMATS LA in January, then The Makeup Show LA this month, and for us bloggers there’s Lucky FABB in April! [Read more…]

The Makeup Show LA 2013 in Pictures


I did something kinda different with this particular show…I decided to stick to mainly images instead of just rambling on and on about how awesome it all was. These pics speak for themselves!

My To-Do List for The Makeup Show LA

The-Makeup-Show-LA-520x202Yes yes, it’s that glorious time of year once again – The Makeup Show LA is this weekend! Tonight I am attending their blogger preview, and this weekend I will be walking the show floor! Wanna know my to-do list? Keep on reading… [Read more…]

This Weekend: ISSE Long Beach 2013


I know, I know…I haven’t even gotten up a post about IMATS LA 2013 yet, and I’m already talking about another event? YEAH. It’s TOTES CRAY. Check it…

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Countdown to IMATS LA 2013

IMATS_logo_roughIt’s nearly time for one of the most loved events for all makeup junkies – the International Makeup Artist Trade Show! This year the LA show is taking place in January instead of June like previous years, which actually makes more sense. The reason for the change is LA traded show dates with London. Gee, when would you rather be in London, January or June? Yeah. LA is nice in both months, so it was kind of a no-brainer.  [Read more…]

Cosmoprof North America 2012

This year was my first COSMOPROF! I’ve attended lots of beauty-related tradeshows, but this was the first year I was able to attend Cosmoprof North America, which is held in Las Vegas.

What is Cosmoprof?

Cosmoprof is a business-to-business beauty trade show that covers hair, nails, skin care, private labeling, spa/wellness, packaging…you name it! It’s all at Cosmoprof. It’s not like IMATS or The Makeup Show as it’s more geared toward retail buyers, packaging decision-makers, etc. In fact, they aren’t allowed to do cash & carry sales! Talk about a difference! But it’s a great place to see what innovative fabulousness has just been released or will be released in the future!

Another thing that is great from Cosmoprof, but also a little frustrating as a beauty junkie, is seeing loads of awesome brands from other countries. These brands come to Cosmoprof hoping to find buyers to have their products sold in the US – but many of them aren’t yet available for “normals” for me to go out and buy! *pouts* But at least I was able to exchange information with them so when they DO come to America, I’ll be able to tell you all about it.


Cosmoprof is huge. It’s pretty much the entire Mandalay Bay Convention Center, which is enormous. There are literally hundreds of booths. It makes IMATS look tiny. I was not able to see every single booth. Because it’s so huge, most of us press people made appointments to meet with the brands and see what they have going on. Since I was (and still consider myself to be) a Cosmoprof noob, I made very few appointments and just kind of wandered. Yikes! Going to plan it way better next time. But these things are a learning experience. :) There were a lot of awesome things that happened.

I went over to Jesse’s Girl and met with the fabulous Julie G. I don’t get starstruck over meeting gals from Youtube, but I gotta say meeting Julie was awesome. She’s a really nice person and took time to hang out and chit chat with me & Mr. Boyfriend as well as show us her line, talk about new things to come, and just generally what it’s like going from a girl with a hobby to having her own nail polish line sold in mass. I really enjoyed meeting her, and if you ever get the chance I suggest you do! She’s so sweet.

I also had a really fun time with the gals of AII Beauty. AII is the parent company for China Glaze, Seche, Ardell, and a ton of other brands. I saw all the current and upcoming collections – unfortunately some of which I’m not allowed to tell you about just yet. I saw Halloween ’12, Holiday ’12, and some spring & summer ’13 goodies. I wish I could tell you more! But they promised as soon as I can, they will give me all the details to pass on to you! The lovelies of Ardell also put some big ole’ false lashes on me! I don’t wear lashes usually so it was definitely an experience I had to get used to!

When experimenting with lashes in the future I probably won’t go with such big ones, but I figured hey – it’s Vegas! Go dramatic! After a while I got used to them and almost forgot they were there. I even fell asleep in them (not on purpose – I don’t recommend sleeping in lashes!!) but my eyes weren’t at all bothered. Taking them off was a simple and pain-free process too. Don’t be scared of lashes! I’m not anymore. And in fact, Ardell has some new lashes that are self-adhesive, which I’m very excited to try.

Another highlight was meeting a brand new to me, Hola Lola! Hola Lola hails from Colombia. They have bath products, and underwear! But everything is beautifully packaged, stunningly presented, and smells amazing. Okay, so I don’t know how the undies smell. But that’d be weird. I’m going to assume it’s just fine. The bath products and perfumes smelled fantabulous. The first thing they did was tie a ribbon around my wrist that was fragranced. I’m. Obsessed. With. It. It lives in my purse now, scenting it. The fragrance is Lychee Rose, but to me it smells strikingly similar to Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple, which is my favorite (but discontinued) B&BW scent. The products don’t seem to be sold stateside just yet but mark my words I will get my paws on the Lychee Rose body splash so that I can bathe in it every day. I need that fragrance in my life. Seriously. And they were SO nice – they even gave me a gift! It’s a zebra print shower cap. I’m excited, because honestly does anyone look good in a shower cap? No. But now that the shower cap is zebra print? YES!

How flipping cute is this???

This blog entry is getting soooooooo long. SO! I’m ending it now, but there were over 800 booths…so there is much, much more to talk about. :) Stay tuned!

2012 Stila Warehouse Sale

The Stila Warehouse Sale is back! They haven’t had one of these in a while, so I thought it was worth posting about even though I’ve mentioned the basics of what you need to know before, it never hurts to have a refresher. First, the basics…

When: Saturday July 28th, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Where: The Doll Factory 1910 West Temple St. Los Angeles CA 90026

So if you’re in the area and want to cruise by, here’s what you need to know so you don’t make an ass of yourself or get very disappointed.

– Get there early. It says 8, but people start lining up EARLY. Getting there at 6 isn’t unreasonable. Bring some Starbucks and a buddy or a book or something.

– If you know you can’t or won’t be getting there early, bring water. It’s LA in July. It’s going to get hot waiting in line. Wear sun screen. Be smart!

– Don’t bring that giant purse or diaper bag or (god forbid) a STROLLER with you. They won’t let you in with it.

– They only let a few people inside at a time. It keeps things orderly so it isn’t a mad rush. Once you’re inside, they won’t rush you out. You have plenty of time to browse, swatch (usually there are testers), and decide. No need to push or shove. I’m serious, I got shoved a couple times before – totally unnecessary!

– Speaking of which…there are TESTERS. Don’t open products and swatch them on yourself! Either wait for someone to be done with the tester, or if you’re not sure where it is ASK SOMEONE on the staff to help you. Don’t just help yourself to a new tester.

– They take cash or credit card.

– There is a purchase limit, but it’s $600. And with the prices as low as they are, you’ll be fine. ;)

– Be nice to the staff. They’re there on a Saturday.

So what will be for sale at the warehouse sale? Usually it’s their Last Chance items, along with some core items. Previous holiday sets and palettes will probably be there, along with the odd bundle of things. For example one year I was there, they bundled together a bag of 6 eye shadows for like $28. Pretty good deal considering they’re usually $18 apiece, no? They were great basic shades like Chinois, Moonlight, Dune, etc.

So, who’s going? :)

IMATS LA 2012 Rundown of Day 1

This is just a quick rundown of the Day 1 activities I got up to. ;)

++ Things That Were Awesome ++

+ Getting my brows done by Eugenia Weston / my experience at the Senna booth in general. Posted about that earlier. I am now known as the Senna stalker. :)
+ Meeting up with David Klasfeld (OCC Founder) and learning about the new OCC concealer. David is a doll!!
+ Hangin’ out with my girls Bren (OMG Bren) and Mai (Portrait of Mai).
+ Meeting Jenn Stazz & hanging out with her. She’s so sweet!
+ The drag queens at the Sugarpill booth (including the lovely Misty Maven aka Josh/petrilude) looking so FIERCE.
+  Spending way too much money on super fun goodies.
+ Seeing the lovelies of Beauty Army once again (met them at The Makeup Show LA).
+ I met Cora (vintageortacky on Youtube) and she is SO nice.
+ Watching a guy in full-out special FX demon makeup/costume nurse a Corona at the IMATS After Glow after party.
+ Epic mermaidness at the Lime Crime booth, plus getting a free shopping bag with a UNICORN on it. Even though I didn’t buy anything.
+ Checked out the new upcoming Naked Skin foundation from Urban Decay. Got shade matched and got a 2-week sample in 2 colors to play with. This doesn’t launch til next month.
+ Petting and fondling my new kabuki and powder brushes (more on that later). They’re so sofffffft.
+ Went to the Beautylish event afterward across the street. Cuppy cakes! So yummy. And they gave me a t-shirt. Not sure if it fits yet, but if it doesn’t look adorbs I can wear it as a PJ shirt or give it to my mommy.
+ Got a PurseBuzz BOW and one of her adorable lipstick necklaces.
+ After Glow had bruschetta. For free. YUM. I’m kind of obsessed. I love tomatoes.

— Things That Were Not Awesome —

– Random guy at booth yelling “ARE U BUYING ANYTHING” at me when I was just trying to see what his booth was. Err, no I am not buying anything – now!
–  $3 cans of soda.
– The press badges got royally f’ed up and NOBODY has the correct info on their badge, so they just blacked it out with a magic marker instead of reprinting them. Wtf. Also, press check-in lady was kinda rude/just not thrilled to be there, even at only 9:30.
– Speaking of press stuff, there’s NO PRESS BAG. I’m not whining about no free swag; the point of a press bag is to put all the brands’ contacts and one-sheets about their latest new products in it. So there’s no press materials? Da f—? Pain in the ass.

So that was day 1 in a nutshell…recap of day 2 coming soon, although it was pretty chill and not as action-packed hahaha…

Got My Brows Done by Eugenia Weston

Hey! I’m blogging from my hotel room at IMATS LA (yes, I got a room – I ain’t driving back and forth between OC and Pasadena every day!!! HELL NO.) and I just haaaaad to share this with you all. I got my eyebrows done by Eugenia Weston!!!!!! For those of you who don’t know who she is, let me educate you!

Eugenia Weston is the founder of Senna Cosmetics! Senna has been around since ’76 and was the first line to ever launch a brow kit with stencils, their Form-a-Brow. They’re truly brow EXPERTS. Eugenia Weston herself is an Emmy-nominated makeup artist and all around eyebrow genius. Not to mention a truly delightful person! I met her last weekend in Chicago, and met up with her again here in LA where she did my eyebrows for me! YAY!! I needed it really bad. My eyebrows were a hot mess. In just minutes she transformed my scraggly brows to gorgeous, arched to perfection goodness! Weeeeeee! The amount of arch she was able to get out of my brows astounds me. I snapped the photo above on the show floor right after she was finished.

Wanna know what’s on the rest of my face? Okay, I’ll tell you.

Face – MAC Studio Fix powder in N3, TheBalm Time Balm concealer in Lighter Than Light

Cheeks – Senna Sheer Face Color powder blush in Clarity (this is from their latest collection -gorg!), Senna Sheer Face Color powder blush in Enlighten (a pale beige highlight)

Eyes – I know it’s hard to see, but I did a look with some shadows from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I used Bootycall, Chopper, YDK, Busted, and a tiny bit of Blackout. I think that’s all of it. Maybe. haha… Oh and I used Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in 30E as a base. LOVE THOSE THINGS. The ridiculously amazing crayons coming out of the makeup world these days is so cool. On my lashes is Maybelline Great Lash (with the Lots of Lashes brush).

Lips – Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

Oh and loads of Skindinavia makeup finishing spray. Loads. Tons. Take my word for it. ;) How can I say no to hair spray for my face? More fun IMATS stuff will be coming soon…and also fun stuff from The Makeup Show Chicago! lol I haven’t even had a chance to blog that yet because I have been so dang busy this week. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all INSANE days at work.  :)

The Makeup Show Chicago – I’m Going!

Sup Windy City? I’m going to The Makeup Show Chicago this year! I’ve never been to Chicago and I’m very excited to travel there next month. The Makeup Show LA was a blast, so I’m really looking forward to Chicago as it’s sure to be really fun too. [Read more…]